Could you imagine...
that your environment is morphing ?
With us, all objects physically around you will get another sens
Observe, touch, feel a virtual world with your friends thanks to the VR technology of MaGAMES !

Our project : Tangible Mixed Reality

We develop and optimize a tangible mixed reality for a 1st center in Paris by 2019.

What is Tangible Mixed Reality ?

The Mixed Reality is coupling Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality ; to which we add Tangibility. With our technology, you can touch your virtual surrounding and seize objects.



Picture of the fabulous Étienne VISINONI
From biotechnologies, he decided with 2 companions to start a big adventure : startup creation. He is the handyman, a Solid Snake-like.
Picture of the marvelous Grégoire CATTAN
Engineer and PhD student with Gypsalab in Virtual Reality and Human Machine Interface. Muscled, cute and damn good in computing sciences, he is a little bit our T1000.
Picture of THE Thibaut BATAL
Engineer in Mathematics applied to Computing, the initiator of a beautiful similar project, he decided to join us. Reliable and meticulous, nothing stays rock in front of him. His heart soul : Aiden Pearce.

Touch your imagination.

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